20% off – All new jovial gluten free flours, a whole new way to bake






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Artisan Pasta from Italy: three new shapes!

Try our new Elbows, Farfalle, and Manicotti!

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A New Take on Tagliatelle

Our organic egg tagliatelle has all the taste and texture of traditional hand-rolled pasta, but with none of the gluten.

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97% of Americans estimated to have Celiac Disease are not diagnosed.

Learn more about symptoms and diagnosis


5-10% of all people may suffer from a gluten sensitivity of some form.

Read about gluten sensitivity


Be well without gluten. Embrace all the delicious foods that you CAN eat.

How to stay away from gluten and still eat great!

Now that’s Italian

Top 5 recipes you’ll never know are gluten free!

Hand mixed by Italian artisan bakers

Whether you miss those fig-filled cookies of your youth or you love chocolate, we’ve got the cookie for you! Jovial’s organic gluten free cookies are baked in small batches right outside of Venice. Treat yourself!

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Jovial Culinary Getaway

Whether you’re gluten free or passionate about einkorn, join us for the trip of a lifetime in a dream location in Tuscany. You’ll take part in hands-on cooking classes with jovial founder, Carla, and a like-minded group of people. Cook, laugh, indulge!