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100% Organic Chickpeas

13 oz
100 % of 100
  • 6 + for $3.52 each

We make our chickpeas the traditional way! Soaked overnight and cooked with a touch of Sicilian sea salt, our beans are naturally cooked to perfection. Our Italian varieties of beans and our hands-on cooking process produce a firm and delicious bean that is not starchy, and suitable for any recipe. If you love beans, but don’t have time to prepare them the traditional way, we’re happy to do the work for you.

  • Great source of fiber and protein without saturated fat
  • Only salt added, no additives, or preservatives
  • Packed in glass jars with BPA-free lids
  • Certified gluten free
Jovial Organic Beans
Jovial Organic Beans
Jovial Organic Beans

We love to work in Italy because our manufacturers are large enough to supply our market, but small enough to still do things the right way, even if it means the involvement of many hands. Our beans are grown on small, organic farms in the Piemonte region of Italy. They are sorted by hand before being soaked for 24 hours. Then they are rinsed with fresh water and cooked. The jars are filled with the cooked beans, water and a bit of salt is added, then the jars are sealed and sterilized. Once the beans are cooled and the jars are wiped down, the labels are applied and the product is packed up to ship.


Organic Chickpeas, Water, Sea salt.

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