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G E T A W A Y !

Jovial’s 2013 Culinary Getaways kick off in just two days! We will be welcoming Shauna, Danny and Lucy on Saturday at noon, as well as more than twenty guests who are so excited about having a week of gluten free splendor in Tuscany.

On Saturday evening, we will all be meeting for appetizers at 7:30pm. Our local Tuscan chef, Aurelio Barattini, will be preparing a multiple course, authentic Italian dinner that is also 100% gluten free. YES!, gluten free is going to feel just fine on this evening in Lucca. Aurelio’s food is delicious because he works directly with local farmers to get the best ingredients. In fact, Aurelio helps the jovial staff keep the kitchen stocked with the sweetest seasonal fruits and the freshest local vegetables. We will be meeting him bright and early at 7am on Saturday morning to pick up the freshest provisions for our guests.

On Sunday, we will wake up to our first cooking class with Shauna and Danny- “Baking Gluten Free”. Shauna will be cooking up recipes from her new cookbook, “Gluten-Free Girl Everyday”. We are exited about tasting this Lemon Yogurt Cake!

We’ll be sharing photos with you, so stay tuned…



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