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100% Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Farfalle

12 oz
98 % of 100

No need to miss farfalle pasta anymore! Crafted in Italy using time-honored production methods, our brown rice bowtie pasta is as close to traditional as gluten free can be. You won’t feel like you’re missing out with this pasta, because our master pasta artisans use bronze dies and slow drying to create award-winning taste and texture.

  • 57 g of whole grains per 2 oz. serving
  • Cooks firm and tastes great with all types of sauces
  • Produced in a dedicated gluten free facility
  • Available at select retail locations in Canada. Click here to find a retailer near you.
Jovial Organic Beans
Jovial Organic Beans
Jovial Organic Beans

Several years ago, Carla approached a Tuscan pasta factory with the idea of making an organic gluten free pasta with only one ingredient, organic brown rice flour. She also asked that the pasta be pressed with traditional bronze dies, not with the Teflon dies used by today’s large pasta manufacturers. Additionally, the pasta had to be dried at low temperatures. No small feat for gluten free, but she had a hunch that jovial consumers would taste & appreciate the difference.


Organic brown rice flour, water

Allergen Info:

Made in a dedicated gluten free facility. For additional allergen information click here.

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