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Thank you for making Olio Nuovo 2018 a great success!

We want to thank everyone who purchased jovial Extra Virgin Olive Oil during this year’s Olio Nuovo New Harvest promotion. By purchasing our oil, you are supporting a small group of farms in Northern Italy, who are keeping century-old olive trees alive and well. This helps protect plant biodiversity because, without your support, these ancient trees might be uprooted.

The harvest was abundant this year, and the chemical parameters for this lot of oil were impressive. Check out the high levels of polyphenols and low acidity, as well as other important parameters for extra virgin olive oil. There is nothing better than fresh oil, so drink up. Watch the video below to learn from Carla just how one goes about tasting olive oil!

2 Responses to Thank you for making Olio Nuovo 2018 a great success!

    • Jovial Customer Service says:

      Our preorder sale starts in the late fall when the harvest is underway. This is usually in November. Watch our blog for updates!

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