Learn More About this Super Nutritious Grain

Jovial Foods is proud to offer you einkorn, the world’s most ancient wheat, and the only wheat that’s never been hybridized. Einkorn is a delicious, healthy alternative to mass market wheat, and can be an excellent solution for those with gluten sensitivity. If you’re looking for einkorn products, go to our online store now.

Quick Facts About Einkorn

Einkorn (rhymes with “fine corn”) is the oldest food to make its way back to your table.

How old is it? Einkorn was one of the first foods planted, at the birth of agriculture 10,000 years ago. It grew wild for millions of years before that.

Einkorn is the only wheat to have never been hybridized (unlike modern soft and durum wheat), and to have only 2 sets of chromosomes. This is real wheat, the way it was meant to be.

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Einkorn means “one grain” in German. That’s because einkorn only has one grain attached to the stem, while other wheats have groups of four grains.

Just a few years ago, einkorn was close to extinction. Einkorn was abandoned 5,000 years ago, because it is difficult to harvest and mill, and has one fifth the yields of modern wheat.

Where did jovial get it? We worked in Italy with a group of researchers who were replenishing original seeds. We started planting just 50 acres in 2009 and now we are the largest growers of einkorn in the world.

Why should I eat einkorn? There are many reasons, but here are a few:

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor: Einkorn just tastes great! The intensive farming methods used to raise yields have stripped flavor and vital nutrients from today’s wheat. With einkorn, you can actually taste wheat the way nature intended it.

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More Nutrients Means More Energy: Einkorn has 30% more protein and 30% less starch than regular wheat, plus abundant B Vitamins and trace minerals like Iron. Those extra nutrients translate directly to more energy and a greater feeling of wellness, not empty calories.

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A Good Gluten?: The gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people can’t digest. If you are sensitive to modern wheat, einkorn can provide a delicious alternative. Please note that einkorn does contain gluten and is therefore not ok for those with Celiac Disease.

Ancient Einkorn Wheat, for a happier today and a healthy future.