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Brown Rice Pasta Cooking Times

Brown Rice Pasta Cooking Times

About eight years ago, Carla approached a Tuscan pasta factory with the idea of making a new organic gluten free pasta with only one ingredient, organic brown rice flour. She also asked that the pasta be pressed with traditional bronze dies, not with the Teflon dies used by today’s large pasta manufacturers. Additionally, the pasta had to be dried at low temperatures. No small feat for gluten free, but she had a hunch that the group of consumers who she wanted to attract to her new brand would taste the difference.

Jovial’s organic brown rice pasta is steadily growing in popularity, and with increased demand comes the need for updated equipment. During the past few years of growth, our pasta factory has installed a few new production lines in their dedicated gluten free facility. We believe the taste and texture of our pasta is even better than when we first started. However, one change came along with this new equipment that we did not anticipate; some cooking times are longer now, and while we are in the process of updating our packaging, many may indicate a shorter time than what is appropriate.

Here is a handy chart you can save or print out until the new packaging comes through distribution. Make sure to taste your pasta for doneness if what’s on this chart is different than what is indicated on your box. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may have created, but we also want to thank you again for your support and making our product such a success.

Click here to download a printable .pdf version of this chart of jovial Brown Rice Pasta cooktimes.


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