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Einkorn the Cookbook

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A tried and true collection of 100 delicious recipes specifically developed for working perfectly with einkorn by jovial founder and einkorn expert, Carla Bartolucci. Einkorn can be hard to work with because it has a weak gluten, less starch, and more protein, but Carla has developed ways to make your introduction to einkorn baking and cooking foolproof. Her recipes are approachable, made with readily available ingredients, and will provide you with the learning you’ll need to become and experienced einkorn baker. This will be the cookbook you’ll turn to over and over again!


As a child, Carla’s daughter suffered from headaches, skin rashes, respiratory issues, hair loss and more symptoms. Her doctor suggested that a gluten intolerance could be the culprit. Carla and her husband Rodolfo started researching gluten alternatives and stumbled upon einkorn, which ended up tasting even better than regular wheat. This grain was completely tolerable for her daughter and quickly became a staple in their household. At the time, it was difficult to find other einkorn recipes, which led Carla to create an einkorn cookbook with breads, pasta and traditional favorites. Rediscovering einkorn was a true gift to Carla and her family, and they are so happy to share this discovery with you through Carla’s einkorn cookbook.

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