We couldn’t bring these great products to you without their commitment.
Meet the dedicated hands behind our products.


Jovial’s Original Einkorn Farmer

It all started with Stefano, Jovial’s first einkorn farmer. We met him by chance at an elementary school dinner. He talked about how hard it was to break even as a small, organic wheat farmer. We shared our idea of growing einkorn at good prices for the farmer and together, we made it happen.

Our Olive Farmers

These farmers cultivate their land using traditional methods from over a thousand years ago. They harvest three ancient varieties of olives – Favarol, Grignano and Nostrano – saving them from extinction and sharing the bounty of a noble extra virgin olive oil.

Our Pasta Artisans

This family of culinary pioneers first developed gluten free pasta in 1970 while working for a local researcher. With over forty years of experience, they now make a pasta for jovial that will make you forget you are eating gluten free.

From Farm to Table

More than one thousand acres of pristine farmland, where long cycles of crop rotation ensure the healthiest crops. Leonardo, our farmer in Tuscany, not only grows our einkorn, he also de-husks and packs our wheat berries on-site.