2015 Jovial Tomato Season

I have always been fascinated by the tomato season. Seeds are planted early, then the small plants are transplanted to the fields in late spring. We wait until August for the tomatoes to ripen, watching the weather, thankful for each beautiful day while […]

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Einkorn Harvest 2015

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. William Blake For the seventh time, we have arrived at harvest time in our einkorn fields. When we first started growing einkorn, there were many unknowns. There were many beautiful surprises, and what seems like […]

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Welcome Back to 1685!

Over the weekend, we held and estate sale at the 1685 John Randall homestead in North Stonington, Connecticut. We purchased the 28-acre farm on March 10, 2015, which will be the new home of our company’s headquarters and the future location […]

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