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Jovial Foods, Inc.

Carla Bartolucci Named 2017 Connecticut Small Business Person of the Year

Carla Bartolucci

We are so happy to announce that our company founder and president, Carla Bartolucci, has been named the 2017 Connecticut Small Business Person of the Year. Carla will be traveling to Washington, DC in late April where she will be honored, along with winners from the other 49 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US.S. Virgin Islands. “Your hard work, innovative ideas, and dedication to your employees and community have helped you build an outstanding business that has strengthened your state’s economy. The SBA is pleased to celebrate your achievements and recognize your personal role in driving our nation’s economic growth,” said Linda McMahon, administrator of the Small Business Association. The 2017 National Small Business Person of the Year will be announced at the ceremonies, along with three runner-ups.

Many of you know Carla as the mom who brought back ancient einkorn wheat for her 7-year-old-daughter, or as the maker of a very delicious gluten free pasta, but her story runs deeper than her mission here at jovial. She began her work in the organic food industry by creating the bionaturae brand of organic foods from Italy in 1996, after losing both of her parents to cancer by her mid-twenties. “As soon as I set foot into an organic food store, I knew I wanted to get involved in organic farming and food manufacturing,” says Carla. “After losing my parents, I couldn’t help but feel compassion for anyone suffering from disease or hardship, and creating good food, true and pure, was my way of caring for others.” Carla always puts her customers best interests at the forefront of everything she does, and she also cares deeply about her staff. Many of us have been with the company for over a decade because we love being part of such a great mission. Join us in congratulating Carla in this fantastic achievement.


5 Responses to Carla Bartolucci Named 2017 Connecticut Small Business Person of the Year

  1. Lucille says:

    It’s uplifting and encouraging to see one who is doing something so worth while for society to be honored in this way. You definitely deserve it for all your hard work and dedication. Congratulations. And the einkorn has been a real boon to my health. Lucille Meek

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations and much gratitude to you and your staff! You deserve to be recognized for the results of your deep caring about how food affects wellbeing. It is no small feat to grow a company from ground up by increasing the availability of foods as Nature intended for us. Using einkorn flour for my baking and homemade staples reconciles the need to be nourished by food and the craving to enjoy food when we eat it. How amazing is that? Immeasurably so, every time!

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