Brown Rice Spaghetti 12oz box

12oz box for $4.39

5+ for $3.95 each


Crafted in Italy using time-honored production methods and carefully selected varieties of rice, our brown rice pasta is as close to traditional as gluten free can be. The future of gluten free is delicious, wholesome and completely satisfying food.

• Cooks firm and has an enjoyable flavor that tastes great with all types of sauces

• Pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for superior quality, the only artisanal gluten free pasta available today.

• Made exclusively with Italian grown 100% organic brown rice

• Dedicated facility free of gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.

• Certified gluten free at less than 10PPM

Customer Testimonials

Since I am Italian and allergic to gluten, I have been looking for a tasty substitute pasta. I have tasted many claiming to be Ike the real thing but only when I tasted Jovial Gluten Free Pasta did I experience that old fashion Italian tasting pasta of my youth. It is wonderful to know I can continue to enjoy this
tasty dish. Thank you Jovial. I highly recommend Jovial to everyone looking for a delicious pasta.

Concetta Vella S

Jovial gluten-free pasta is outstanding! My husband cannot eat gluten and as a family we prefer not to eaten gluten either. This is the first gluten free pasta that we've tried that actually tastes like good pasta! Even picky eaters will not be able to taste the difference. We also love that it is a certified gluten-free and organic product. While it may be a little more expensive, it is worth the investment! One can pay a little more now for high-quality, healthy foods. We really are what we eat and our bodies deserve to be fueled with healthy, nutritional foods. Thank you for making such an excellent product.

Amy D

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