Brown Rice Lasagna 9oz box

9oz box for $4.99

5+ for $4.49 each


Savor the flavor of real lasagna with our new lasagna noodles, crafted in Lucca by Tuscany's finest pasta artisans. With an easy, no-boil recipe right on the box, you can be enjoying a classic homemade lasagna in no time at all- gluten free, but you would never know.

• No boiling required

• Pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for superior quality, the only artisanal gluten free pasta available today.

• Made exclusively with Italian grown 100% organic brown rice

• 57g of whole grains per serving.

• Certified gluten free at less than 10PPM

Customer Testimonials

Every month, we make the BEST lasagna in the world with this GF pasta. I highly recommend it :)


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