Sour Cherry
Gluten Free Cookies, 7 oz.


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In the Veneto region of Italy, a family-owned bakery crafts our very special gluten free cookies. These sour cherry cookies are baked in small batches, ingredients are mixed by hand, and a unique and delicate process hides the filling in the center of the cookie before baking. Take a sensorial journey to a real Italian bakery.

About our gluten free cookies:

  • The only gluten free choice for sour cherry lovers.
  • Tempting soft centers with delicious sour cherry filling.
  • Sumptuous yet not overly sweet.
  • Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience.
  • Certified gluten free at less than 10PPM.
  • Dairy free.


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Organic sour cherries, organic rice flour, organic sugar, organic potato starch, organic palm fruit oil, organic rice starch, organic rice syrup, organic eggs, organic chickpea flour, organic arabic gum, leavening (potassium acid tartrate, Baking soda), salt, pectin, citric acid, guar gum.

Allergen Information

Contains eggs. May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

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