Jovial Einkorn Gift Basket


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Want to share the goodness of einkorn with others? We’ve created a collection of some of our favorite things. Included you’ll find jovial reserve blend extra virgin olive oil, vine-ripened organic Italian tomatoes, and a selection of some of our most popular einkorn products. Each of our products are very special, thanks to the expertise of our Italian pasta makers, millers, bakers, and farmers. All products are organic and are imported from Italy.

Jovial’s Einkorn Gift Basket Includes: 

  • Traditional Einkorn Penne, 12oz
  • Whole Grain Einkorn Spaghetti, 12oz
  • Einkorn All Purpose Flour, 2lb
  • Sprouted Einkorn Flour, 24 oz.
  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1ltr
  • 1 jar, 100% Organic Diced Tomatoes, 18.3oz
  • 1 jar, 100% Organic Cannellini Beans, 13oz
  • Organic Einkorn Checkerboard Cookies, 8.8oz
  • Organic Sourdough Einkorn Sea Salt Crackers, 4.5oz

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