100% Organic Olive Oil
33.8 oz.


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Jovial has created a Reserve Blend of olive oil with integrity, exclusively from three ancient varieties of olives grown in the Veneto region of Italy: Favarol, Grignano, and Nostrano. These olives were brought by the Romans to the Veneto region in Italy thousands of years ago. A small group of passionate farmers are working to save these unique varieties of olives from extinction. Exclusively grown in the Valpantena area and the hills above Lago di Garda, jovial’s authentic Italian olive oil pairs well with any dish.

  • Oil from 100% Italian organic ancient varieties of olives.
  • Delicate flavor with the perfect balance of fruitiness.
  • Decanting naturally removes sediment without filtering.
  • The temperature never exceeds 75°F during pressing.
  • We only press and bottle olive oil in our facility.
  • Acidity less than .4%.



100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

Allergen Information

100% organic extra virgin olive oil. No allergens processed in our facility.

The Making of Jovial's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil