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Pre-Order Jovial 2018 New Harvest Olive Oil Now!

This view is from one of the olive farms, just above Lago di Garda in Northern Italy, where ancient varieties of olives grow in absolute tranquility, waiting to be harvested in early November and pressed for jovial Reserve Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When oil is pressed fresh, it is packed with powerful polyphenols, extremely flavorful and rich in antioxidants. Eating seasonally means benefiting from the maximum flavor and nutrition that foods can offer, and it is no different with olive oil. However, unless you live locally, a 100% fresh pressed oil is hard to find. It is standard practice to maintain a consistent flavor throughout the year, and since new oil is very fruity, it is generally mixed with old when sold at retail, making 100% new oil a rarity. We are very thrilled to announce our annual Olio Nuovo Pre-Order sale today, so you can receive this very special product directly from our farmers to you.

This year, spirits were high at the farms because the harvest is early and plentiful and the oil is fruity and delicious. Jovial Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from some very special places in Northern Italy, and we think the beauty of the land where these ancient trees grow is certainly transmitted in the quality of the product. We invite you to stock up now, while the oil is fresh, at a discounted price of $64.99 for three 1-liter bottles of oil, including delivery to your home. My family stocks up on fresh oil every year, and although you are not with me at the press, I am very happy that you and your family can reap the same benefits of such a fresh and authentic oil.

We are now accepting pre-orders, and we expect the oil to start shipping out to you before December 15, in time for delivery before the holidays. Stock up for yourself, but consider this oil as a special gift for family or friends. As always, I want to thank you for supporting our products and the efforts of some pretty amazing farmers who are still growing these olives on trees that are centuries old! Grazie, grazie, grazie.

All my best,


17 Responses to Pre-Order Jovial 2018 New Harvest Olive Oil Now!

  1. remmengolan says:

    Am I correct in thinking the organic extra virgin olive you’re offering is from the orchards you referred to in Northern Italy, not blended with Tunisian or other foreign oils? Please let me know. Thank you

    • jovial says:

      Hi Lisa. We ship anywhere in the US from our distribution center in Connecticut. You can order our olive oil online at JovialFoods.com. It does not have the kosher symbol however I can tell you that it is the only product manufactured at our the facility in Italy. Please contact us at info@jovialfoods.com for more info.

  2. Steven Dirksen says:

    Dear jovial… Will you please let me know if there will be a 2019 Olive harvest. Because if there will not be a 2019 harvest I will buy as much as I can of the 2018 Olive oil. I love your Olive oil actually I love anything and everything about jovial foods. Especially Carla. Thanks Steve

  3. Barbara Maisel says:

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