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Look closely, Jovial packaging is different

Look closely, Jovial packaging is different

It is important to understand the materials used to package your food for reasons regarding personal health, recycling and environmental impact.


The boxes used for our products are made from 80% minimum recycled paperboard, which means you are helping to close the recycling loop by utilizing a combination of post-consumer and industrial recycled paperboard instead of paper from trees. Our boxes are printed with water based inks from renewable sources.


The inner bag and windows of our packages are made from wood-pulp and are fully certified to the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) norms for compostable packaging. This material is suitable for industrial and home composting and will typically break down in just a few weeks and is also biodegradable. Additionally, the production has gained CarbonNeutral® accreditation.

Similar materials are based on renewable raw materials such as corn, potatoes or wheat. We have selected our material because it is produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, having a lesser impact on the environment and avoiding the possible use of Genetically Modified Organisms.

This material is not made of thermoplastic material and is not suitable for standard plastic recycling!

Our new gluten free cookies are currently packed in a Plastic #5 material that is PVC, BPA and Phthalate free. Because this product has higher moisture content, we are currently testing the compostable material to ensure it will also be suitable for this product in the future, so please be patient.

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