Gluten Free Flour FAQ

Is the flour certified organic?

Our flour is not certified organic at this time because we found it difficult to source organic ancient grains like sorghum, teff, brown-top millet and millet that were organic and gluten free in the quantity we needed. We only use certified organic rice and corn flour. We will be working on developing a network of farmers for our ingredients in the coming years.

What are the countries of origin for the ingredients?

Italy:                           Sorghum, Brown top Millet, Corn, Rice

Spain:                         Teff

Austria:                     Xanthan Gum

Peru:                          Tara Gum

Italy or Poland:        Yellow Millet

What is your xanthan gum derived from?

We were very happy to find a Swiss company that manufacturers xanthan gum in their facility in Austria. The gum is manufactured by fermenting the carbohydrates contained in beet or cane sugar, or glucose syrup derived from corn. All ingredients are certified GMO free.

Why do you add corn to your gluten free flour?

It was important for our flour to produce bread and baked goods that not only tasted similar to those baked with wheat, but that also had a beautiful appearance. We found it important to add corn to the No.1 and No.3 flours to balance the color and flavor. The corn we use is certified gluten free and non-GMO. If you find you are sensitive to corn, perhaps this is because the corn you were eating was not certified gluten free. Corn is harvested right after wheat, so corn that is not certified gluten free, is almost always contaminated with gluten because it is loaded in the same transportation tanks that have been used for wheat, without proper sanitation.

What is tara gum?

Tara gum is made by grinding the seeds of the Peruvian tara tree. It contains 80% fiber, which helps the gluten free flours bind together. We use tara gum because we prefer it’s flavor much better than other gums, like guar or locus bean.

Are you flours GMO free?

Yes, all of the ingredients that we use in our flours are GMO free.

Do you process allergens in your facility?

No, we do not process allergens in our facility. The mill and production line used to manufacture our flours are both dedicated to only the ingredients contained in the flours. No other ingredients come in contact with our equipment.

 Can I use your flour in my gluten free recipes?

Because gluten free flours can contain up to 40% added starch, we are not sure if you can substitute our flours 1:1 with what you are currently using. You will find a variety of recipes that were developed specifically for our flours in our website’s recipe section, including pizza, muffins, cookies, biscuits, focaccia, sandwich bread, and more. We will be adding new recipes and videos every week.

What is the difference between the bread and pastry flours? 

One of the problems with gluten free flours today is that all-purpose flours are not suitable for baking bread. If you think about a slice of bread in comparison with a piece of cake, bread should be chewy and cake should not be. Although the ingredients are listed in the same order on the box, the percentages of ingredients in our bread flour are different than in our pastry flour. These differences are crucial to the outcome of the recipe, so the two flours are not interchangeable.