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Gluten Free Sourdough Levain

Some types of sourdough breads can be mixed up directly with your sourdough starter, but others really benefit from a sourdough levain. A levain is a mix of water, starter and flour that form a wet dough that is left to rise for 6 to 8 hours before being added to the final bread recipe. The mixture is left to rise and the small amount of starter or wild yeast that is added has time to multiply and ferment the levain into a nice bubbly batter, which helps your bread rise better and faster. The sourdough process does not take very much time in total, but there are a few steps and wait times that you will need to get accustomed with.

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Gluten Free Sourdough Levain

Please note, if your starter is new, it may take a few hours more for the levain to rise. It is not ready for baking bread unless you see a rise within 12 hours of mixing up the levain. If you find your levain is not rising, you can still use the levain to bake bread by adding ½ teaspoon of active dry yeast to the mixture and follow the recipe. Keep refreshing for a few days, then try again.






10 Responses to Gluten Free Sourdough Levain

  1. Nancy Suberlak says:

    When making sourdough, how much less water is added if using whole wheat flour, rather than all purpose?

    • Jovial Customer Service says:

      It may stay viable if it is in the refrigerator, but ideally you would use it within 24 hours of mixing.

  2. Jackie says:

    I notice this recipe is slightly different from the sourdough levain recipe in Carla’s book, i.e., 25 grams sourdough starter vs 30 grams in book. Also, 3/4 cup water vs 1/2 cup, and lastly, 150 grams flour vs 120 grams in book. I’ve noticed a difference in the sandwich bread instructions too, looks like an improved version online vs what’s in the book? I’m printing out all the new versions and putting them inside my book, but is there any chance Carla is going to update the book anytime soon?

    • Jovial Customer Service says:

      All the recipes in the cookbook are developed for einkorn wheat and this one is a gluten-free version so they are not interchangeable. There is a new cookbook in the works and Carla is working hard developing all new recipes. No publication date is set.

  3. Reenie says:

    How does one go about making two loaves? Double everything? Or use one recipe of levain and double the rest? My husband and I are loving the sandwich bread!

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