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Einkorn Harvest 2019

All of the pictures from our recent einkorn harvest are incredibly breathtaking, but this one photo is the most significant to me.  On the left you have our einkorn wheat, and on the right, spelt. Both grains are a day or two away from harvest. It takes so many more acres to grow einkorn because its yields are significantly lower due to the size of the grain. When I asked the farmer to pick some spelt from a field so we could take a picture, he came back and joked with the photographer, “Look how beautifully big this spelt is, and Carla, she had to go and ask us to grow the tiniest grain on the planet.” There is a reason why einkorn is a significant investment, and we are grateful that so many people understand its value.

I have always known our einkorn grows on one of the most beautiful farms I have ever seen, and I am eternally grateful to the family that owns and cherishes this land and to their commitment to me and the jovial einkorn farming project. The views are breathtaking anywhere you sow a seed on this extensive property, but last year, I requested the prime spot so I could have beautiful photos for an upcoming cookbook and new website. The majestic oak tree marks the highest point of the farm, and from there, you can sit and enjoy the beauty of Tuscany for what seems like forever. It was a magical night out there in that field, just me and the photographer until long after the sun set. Thankful for another successful year of growing einkorn and for the support of my customers who make this dream come true. I look forward to many beautiful years to come. Now, I will let the pictures speak for themselves, and I will quietly mention that I saved the best ones for the cookbook.

5 Responses to Einkorn Harvest 2019

  1. Sheree Pecoraro says:

    Beautiful photographs, I love seeing where my food is grown. I can hardly wait for the new cookbook! I learned to bake only with einkorn, sourdough and Carla, so a new cookbook will be welcomed indeed!

  2. Kimberly Vance says:

    I have just discovered Einkhorn flour and can’t wait to try baking bread. May I ask where in Tuscany this farm is located? Thank you for sharing your wonderful post.

    Kim Vance

  3. Yelena Korablin says:

    Beautiful photos! May I ask how is your all purpose Einkorn flour made? Is it milled as a whole grain and then sifted or refined?
    Thank you

    • Jovial Customer Service says:

      Our all purpose flour is the whole wheat flour with 20% of the bran and germ sifted out. It is not bleached, bromated or enriched.

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