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Borlotti Bean Salad

There is often so little time to get dinner on the table, and that’s when a healthy side like this Borlotti Bean Salad can make the perfect meal. This is one of our absolute favorite Italian bean salads, made delicious […]

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Einkorn Vanilla Cupcakes

This recipe for Einkorn Vanilla Cupcakes is from Carla’s cookbook, and they really are the most deliciously moist and flavorful cupcakes we’ve ever tasted! Our favorite thing about a great recipe like this one is that even if you are sensitive to modern […]

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How We Remove Einkorn’s Husk

More than 12,000 years ago, einkorn grew wild in the Fertile Crescent. Einkorn was the first seed that Neolithic farmers planted when they transitioned from hunter-gatherers to farmers, making it the most ancient food to still be in existence. Today’s durum and […]

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