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Jovial Culinary Getaways- Like A Dream!

jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017Jovial Culinary Getaways began in 2012 as a way for our company to promote our then new brand of gluten free pasta. At a company marketing meeting, as Carla told the story about how the rice was grown on one organic farm, how the pasta was pressed with bronze dies and dried at low temperatures at a pasta factory in Tuscany that had begun production over a century ago, one staff member said, “If only our customers could hear these stories directly from you.” That sparked an idea in Carla, and the more she thought about hosting events in Italy, the more she liked the thought of sharing her knowledge about food and traditions with her customers.

jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017For jovial, the getaways are a great way for Carla to meet customers face-to-face. She finds that cooking for and serving the guests is a nice way to give back for their support of our products. It’s also a way for Carla to be able to gauge interest in new product ideas. For the jovial staff, the getaways have turned out to be a way for many to see Italy for the first time.

jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017 jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017 jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017
jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017 jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017 jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017At the recent getaway, many guests made it a point to tell Carla how much they enjoyed the food she prepared. Some say their meals outside the property didn’t live up to the meals served at the villa. Proving to her guests that eating gluten free does not mean sacrificing authentic, traditional, delicious meals, is what makes these events a success for jovial.

jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_gluten_free_culinary_getaway_spring_2017We had fantastic weather for the recent getaway in June and guests were able to take full advantage of the pool and had plenty of opportunities to explore the towns and cities of Tuscany. The jovial staff had just as much fun as the guests and we even had a few days off to visit Lucca, Florence, and Chianti. The only hard part for everyone was Saturday check-out and leaving the paradise that the villa was.

jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017jovial_einkorn_culinary_getaway_spring_2017Our next session is in October, so if you are interested in more information, please contact our office. The October Einkorn week is filling up fast, with only a few rooms available. Visit our website to book your trip today! If you have ever worried about traveling with a gluten free or gluten sensitive diet, especially overseas to Italy, we assure you that a week with us will delight your taste buds, warm your heart, and make you long to return. We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the guests that attended our June 2017 sessions- we could not have dreamed of a better time with a nicer group of people.


4 Responses to Jovial Culinary Getaways- Like A Dream!

  1. Joy Hoff says:

    It would be a dream come true to take a trip to Italy to your Villa. I love Einkorn but have not yet mastered baking bread with Einkorn. Thanks for all the beautiful information on your site.

    • jovial says:

      You are welcome Joy, and we hope to see you in Italy someday soon. Have you purchased the einkorn cookbook- that definitely is helpful.

    • jovial says:

      Hi Adrianna; if you click on the accomodations tab you will be able to see the rooms and prices along with a few more details. Someone will be in touch via email or you can call us at 860-535-0504

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