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Einkorn Bread Machine Sandwich Loaf

If you bake with a bread machine and are looking for a soft loaf of einkorn bread for sandwiches, we have a new recipe for you.  If your machine does not have a custom cycle, you should use the shortest cycle that you have or please check your manuals to choose the cycle closest to the times we recommend.  The loaf was not fragile, so it can be easily sliced for sandwiches or toast without breaking apart, the crust was soft and inside the crumb was perfect.


  • ¾ cup (195g) of milk, warmed
  • ½ cup (188g) of water, warmed
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1¼ teaspoons sea salt
  • 4 cups (480g) jovial all-purpose einkorn flour
  • 1 ½ teaspoons active dry yeast


To bake einkorn bread in a bread machine, you need to use a short cycle so the dough does not rise too much. If the dough is over-proofed, einkorn’s weak gluten will not be able to support the air bubbles during baking and the loaf can collapse in the middle.

  1. Add the liquids, fats, sugar, and salt to the loaf pan.
  2. Place the flour on top of the liquids.
  3. Make a shallow well in the center of the flour and add the yeast.
  4. Set a custom cycle as follows: Preheat off, Knead 10 minutes, Rise 1: 45 minutes, Knead 2: 5 minutes, Rise 2: 30, Rise 3: Off, Bake: 50 minutes. Crust: medium or dark. (Omit second knead if the setting is not available on your machine).
  5. Once the cycle is complete, remove the pan from the machine and allow the loaf to cool for 5 minutes.
  6. Turn out the bread on a cooling rack and allow to cool for 1 to 2 hours before slicing. Slicing warm einkorn bread is not recommended.

35 Responses to Einkorn Bread Machine Sandwich Loaf

  1. Rebekah McNary says:

    My bread machine asks for a loaf size in addition to the setting for type of bread. My options are 1 pound, 1.5 pound, or 2 pound loaf. Could you let me know about how large this loaf ends up being? Thank you! :-)

  2. Chris says:

    My breadmaker explicitly says never to use dry active yeast, opting instead for the rapidrise instant variety. Will it make a difference for this recipe?

    • jovial says:

      Hi Chris- I have never used rapid rise before and fast acting yeast does not work well with einkorn, I would stick to dry active yeast. Thanks and enjoy!

    • jovial says:

      Yes, you can grind our wheat berries in a Vitamin. Try one cup at a time. The flour will not come out as fine as with a grain mill, but for bread, it will work fine.

  3. My Zojirushi Bread Machine does not have two Knead settings. Should I add the second knead time to the first or use add half the second to the first or skip the second all together?


    — Michael Messuri –

    • jovial says:

      Hi Michael- You can omit the second knead if the setting is not available on your machine! Thank you for letting us know so we could clarify!

      • For anyone else reading this, first I want to say that I LOVE this bread. Secondly, for anyone using a Zojirushi you can split the process between the two manual modes on the Zojirushi (this allows you to follow the instructions exactly)

    • Rima says:

      I just purchased my Zojirushi. I am not a baker at all and never use a bread machine. Could you please tell me which setting do you use to bake your bread. For some reason I am not able to put in the setting correctly. Maybe I just don’t know what I am doing…


  4. CJ says:

    My Cusiniart doesn’t have a custom cycle. I didn’t know they made a bread machine that did. I’m going to try the “Basic/white” setting. What crust color option did you choose?

    • jovial says:

      We use a Cuisinart and it is a little tricky to figure out how to create a custom cycle. We will look into this and post a reply to your other comment.

  5. John says:

    I am using this recipe in a Zojirushi Bread machine. The loaf is not rising as high as I would like. Being new to bread making, should I just make the various rise times a little longer, or do something else? Please advise.


    • jovial says:

      It’s hard for us to say. Einkorn bread is a bit more dense than regular bread. If the top is not domed, it would be best to reduced the rising time by 15 minutes. If the top is domed but the crumb is dense, try to lengthen by 15 minutes.

  6. Tracy says:

    Hi. Any changes/suggestions for high elevation? I live in CO – so about a mile up : )

    Also, my machine doesn’t have a custom setting, like many. There is a “quick” setting but I don’t know the timing specifics. All the others have three rise periods, except the gluten free setting which has only 1. Any suggestions?


  7. Tracy says:

    Hi. I have a couple questions about the recipe:
    1. Suggestions for high altitude? I’m fairly new to this and am never sure of proper adjustments.
    2. My machine doesn’t have any settings lining up with the times exactly. Their is a Quick setting but I don’t know specifics for times. The shortest is actually a Gluten Free setting – just under 2 hours, but no second rise. And all the others have 3 rises…Should I try the quick?


    • jovial says:

      We do not have suggestions with high altitude baking, sorry. I would try the quick bread setting, you will need a second rise.

  8. Diane Holt says:

    Hi, I use a Zojirushi. Almond milk is what I typically have on hand. Any thoughts on how this will affect the recipe?


  9. bill roberts says:

    Can you recommend at least one (preferably more) bread machines that have the “custom cycle” option you refer to?

    Thank you!

    • jovial says:

      Hi Bill- We use a Cuisinart, but we have an older model and we are not sure what the custome cylce is now, or if it has one. Any custom cycle should be fine and there are many great bread machines out there.

  10. Joo says:

    I have new breville machine. I set a custom cycle, but it kneads 1st and 2nd back to back. Then set 1st rise, punch down, 2nd rise and bake. Will this work?

    What temp should the machine be set to? The custom set to medium crust only goes to 300F.

    • jovial says:

      I was able to locate the manual for your bread machine and it looks like you can set a custom recipe. The directions are located on page 36-37. You can record each individual step in the sequence you want it to do. You then will select medium or dark crust for you back option. Thank you!

  11. Kim R says:

    I made the bread as you directed, but the dough was very wet so I added some extra flour on the 2nd knead (I didn’t notice til then). The bread did not rise very well and came out too dense. Question: Should the texture of the dough be the same as regular wheat bread (like a baby’s butt), or should it be more or less moist than this?
    thanks for any help.

    • jovial says:

      Hi Kim- the dough should be wet, adding more flour is most likely the reason the bread came out dense. Thanks and good luck!

  12. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good Bread Slicer for use on these loafs? Getting a little tired of the very uneven cuts made when I slice the bread by hand (makes for awkward sized sandwiches)


    — Michael –

  13. Curt says:

    I just made my first loaf but it collapsed during baking. I used 1 teaspoon kosher salt and sifted the flour. Not sure what steps I need to take to correct the problem. Suggestions?

    • jovial says:

      Thank you for your question. It is possible that you let it rise for too long. If it is over-proofed, meaning it gets bubbly on top, it will sink during baking.

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