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Hey Chef, it is time to cook with this Tuscan chef

Wow, in less than two weeks, the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, Shauna and Danny, will be with us here in Italy! The week starts with a traditional dinner for our guests that will be prepared by our own local chef, Aurelio Barattini. We would like to introduce you to him.

I was born and grew up just above my family’s restaurant, just outside of Lucca. I am the fourth generation of restaurant owners and cooks. As a child, when I ate breakfast, I could smell the aroma coming out of the kitchen at the restaurant where my grandmother Ida was already busy cooking. The food I cook is traditional Tuscan cuisine and I only use fresh ingredients that are in season. I use my dad’s olive oil and get all of my ingredients from local farmers who are working the land the way it was done years ago.

Aurelio's local veggiesAurelio will be preparing an exciting meal of naturally gluten free dishes from traditional Lucchese cooking. He will be sharing these authentic recipes with you so you can prepare your very own Tuscan Dream Meal at home. And by the way, the world is really small. When I mentioned the meal included a woman who writes about being gluten free, Aurelio asked “Could it be Shauna Ahern? I have been following her blog for years.”

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