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Jovial Recipes

Our Very Special Organic Eggs

You probably have never toured a commercial organic egg farm. If you did, some unfortunate realties would leave you with a lasting impression. Even though organic hens are eating organic feed, they still only have a few square feet to move around in and they spend most of their time inside very large warehouses. Yes, having only thousands of hens at an organic farm is much better than the reality of conventional eggs, where up to hundreds of thousands of hens are packed together. But, we think you deserve even better.

Five out of six of jovial cookies are made with eggs and we are currently working on a new product that will also have eggs. Organic is essential to us, but it’s just not enough. To offer a quality product we can feel good about, we have to think beyond organic. The eggs we use in jovial cookies are a perfect example of how we are working relentlessly to make each product the best we possibly can on every level.

Our cookies have always been made with good quality organic eggs, but we wanted a farm that was small enough to really treat their hens with dignity and love, yet big enough to supply us with consistency and assurance. It took well over a year to find an amazing farmer that we respected and he actually hatched brand new jovial hens. They began laying eggs in December and the first batch of cookies made with our new eggs will be arriving in stores this spring.

So, today we share images of where our eggs come from. These images mean a lot to us because being part of the food system at a national level and still being able to work honorably is a good thing. Free range for real.

2 Responses to Our Very Special Organic Eggs

  1. Robin says:

    This is the way our body and souls were meant to live! Alas, when there is opportunity for massive profit, this goes out the window. The bath water, the baby and the tub! I enjoy looking at the pictures of those contented hens and imagine a world where ALL food is so carefully nurtured.

  2. Ren says:

    I found your site early this morning (1am early) as I was stealing from my sleep to pour into my passion, nutrition and healing. What a beautiful thing you are a part of and I am envious of your chickens!! I love eggs. Now alerting my cake baking diva about your product! And soon perhaps I will have the space to use this grain!!! Many blessings!

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