Food Memory- 583

Name:  Winter

Food Memory:  My Chinese dad had lost my mom to cancer and was left to raise 5 children on his own, relying on each of us to look after one another. I remember when it was my turn to learn how to cook a basic stir fry at the age of 10. "Cut up your meat and season it. You take your vegetable and chop it up. Steam your vegetables, add your meat, adjust the spices--you have a stir fry!" my dad exclaimed. It was so simple in my young brain: Vegetable + Meat + Seasoning = Stir Fry. I totally got this. It was my turn to cook for the first time for the family. I checked out what we had in the refrigerator. I pulled out the vegetables we had and chopped them up. I pulled out the meat we had and cut it up and seasoned it. Then I started cooking like I was taught. I added a little of this and a little of that so it tasted just right. I called everyone to dinner. Needless to say, everyone was a little surprised when I set in front of them a stir fry of cauliflower and hot dogs!

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