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Jovial Recipes

Einkorn Harvest July 13, 2011

Some of you have followed the einkorn growing season with us from the day the first seed was planted. Yesterday was finally time to harvest and it was magical. Back in the fall of 2010, we anguished for months over not being able to sow our fields because of insistent, heavy rain in Italy. We would literally wake up in the middle of the night with a pit in our stomach, as the rain poured down outside. It rained every day for months and the fields were too wet to plant our crops. Stefano Nannini is a friend and one of the farmers growing this most ancient wheat for us. His children go to elementary school with ours and one thing led to another when we happened to sit next to him at the end of the year dinner at school a few years back. Last year, in order to plant our crops, he waited patiently until late December  when the ground was frozen enough to be able to drive over the dirt without having the tractor sink.  We met him there one very foggy, dark morning, the mood was very tense, but he was able to skillfully plant the seeds.  When the first seeds sprouted, we all were relieved.  We followed the growth from seed, to sprout, to grass, to wheat and yesterday we harvested with a deep appreciation for nature and the bounty it brings.

34 Responses to Einkorn Harvest July 13, 2011

  1. tindi says:

    Love the Einkorn flour. Have made Belgian yeast waffles, chocolate chip cookies and other cookies, lasagna noodles, pancakes and spaztle. Now I don’t miss the modern wheat. The disulphide bonds in Einkorn flour are delicate and hence require minimal kneading; it dissolve easily in water and in the stomach for easy digestion. The disulphide bonds (gluten) in modern wheat are very strong and very sticky, and difficult to even wash away from bowls. Its no wonder modern wheat is difficult for many people to break down in the digestive system. I only wish it wasn’t so expensive, maybe I’ll grow it myself.

  2. Colleen K. Peltomaa says:

    Glad to discover this website and appreciate your work to make einkorn available. I am into sprouting and growing wheatgrass for juicing. I do have one question: can your wheatberries be sprouted? I like to sprout my grains before I cook them, thank you.

  3. joe says:

    i love your Einkorn!!! i love to sprout the berries, dehydrate them, and then grind to a flour! it so tasty and healthy! thank you!

  4. dee says:

    I am 40 lbs overweight, with Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis and IBS. I finally found a cookie that causes no complications, portion controlled for my diet and tastes GREAT. The Gluten Free Italian Vanilla Creme Cookie. Whole Foods no longer carries it individually, only by the case. I am on a hunt in NYC for more sources. I hope people continue to patronize little companies like this. they are a life saver.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Dee,
      I’ll be in NYC in April, I’m hoping to offer a cheese and cracker making class using real milk and of course, Einkorn wheat.
      If you have an interest, contact me.
      Real foods heal!
      Chef Nancy

  5. Carol Parker says:

    Last year while browsing a CA Whole Foods’ aisles I found Einkorn pasta, and brought back to Wyoming 4 boxes of rigatoni…then promptly forgot about them…until yesterday! ‘Somehow’ I landed on the enlightening and educational Jovial website. Wide-eyed I remembered the pasta I had stored in the basement. I tossed the rigatoni with EVOO & sea salt for breakfast (I couldn’t wait:), and am now obsessed with replacing the INTEGRALE product we now offer on our pasta menu with this wonderfully delicious and nutritious, ancient provision of our Creator. It IS time for all of us to say ‘no’ to GMO, and to take the sometimes tough steps in whatever path we walk, to bring true LIFE back to this wonderful earth we have been given. Being of Calabrese & Sicilian decent I am over-joyed that the Staff of Life is being revitalized in my beloved Italy. I will do my part to support you and your farmers (and your sweet hens…I love my girls, too:) in your efforts by promoting Jovial Einkorn products in my Jackson Hole restaurant. Keep up the Good Work and may you, your family, your farmers, your staff, and your efforts be forever blessed.

  6. wayne miller says:

    From one farmer to another – thank you for what you are doing. Know that I am spreading the word of your work and your product. Warmest Regards, Wayne

  7. Jamie Baker says:

    I am fascinated with your story, and would love to try the einkorn grain. I hope I can find it somewhere in my area that purchases it from you. If not, I will try ordering it from you and see if it is as fantastic as it sounds. We try to eat a healthy diet, growing and making as much of our own food as possible. Thanks for what you do! Jamie

  8. My husband & I are in our 50s and are always looking at ways to improve our food selection. We have 3 children but only a 17-year old daughter who is still living at home. All 3 of us share a desire to eat healthy. After looking at various types of cookies at the grocery store, and being extremely selective, I happened to purchase the Checkerboard Einhorn Cookies and was very curious about Einkhorn wheat which was new to me. They were absolutely delicious. I am 100% Italiian descent (all grandparents born in Italy) and remember a cake that my grandmother made that likens the flavor of these cookies. I decided to google your website and was excited to see there are additional food options made by your company that I can’t wait to try. You now have a customer for life! Thank you for creating nutritious foods!

  9. maggie ke says:

    Have been buying the checkerboard cookies for 2 yrs, so easy on the stomach!
    Am interested in promoting healthier foods to my church in Santa Barbara, Ca.
    Wish to offer finger sandwiches made w/Einkorn flour. Any possibility you
    will be selling einkorn wheat bread?
    Otherwise I need to be less lazy, start finding time to make bread again
    and purchase your wheat.

  10. Marfa says:

    I love hearing about the people who harvest and seeing the fields, getting to know people means a lot to me! Thank you for sharing these pictures!!!

  11. Cathy says:

    How do I get more information about potentially growing Einkorn wheat in the US? We live in Northern Colorado in Red Winter Wheat country with irrigation available- I am curious if our climate would be condusive to Einkorn wheat? I would be willing to try a small plot to see how it would do if I could get a hold of some seeds. I have access to fields to try growing it, and also know of an organic Red Winter Wheat farmer that might be open to giving it a go as well. Seems like the more people we get growing this stuff, the better! (Einkorn wheat is the only wheat I can currently eat without issues, so I am personally motivated here, aside from a love of farming and business)

    • jovial says:

      Einkorn grows well in cold climates, so it should do well in Northern Colorado. Keep in mind the yields are low and the wheat has a husk, so you will need to find a mill that can de-husk the grain after harvest before you can use the grain.

  12. We picked up a box of checkerboard cookies in whole foods last week , and to my entire family’s surprise, found these cookies to be nothing short of amazing! Perfectly crisp, flavorful, and just the right amount of sweetness! Not only are we so thrilled
    to order them directly from your company, but are totally impressed with your mission! Grazie!

  13. Wendell Bachmann says:

    Good evening,

    Do you have seed for sale for planting in the USA?

    If not, do you know of a source to purchase the Einkorn wheat here in the USA?

    What would be the cost for enough to seed 3 acres?


    Wendell Bachmann
    766 34th Place
    West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

    • jovial says:

      Hi Wendell,
      I am sorry but at this time, we only plant our einkorn variety on our farms in Italy. The wheatberries we have here are de-husked and not recommended for planting. We have seen a few farms in the U.S. are now growing einkorn, maybe there is somewhere out there you can find seed, but we have not had direct contact with them. Sorry again!

  14. Sim Ayres says:

    Hej ..
    Im a baker / miller / farmer , in North East Victoria , Australia , ive just been given just 30 Einkorn seeds and want to grow them out , its late winter here now and am wondering if they will go well through late frosts . Obviously with 30 seeds i can protect and nurture them . Is Einkorn a winter crop ? or spring seeded. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated .
    Cheers Sim

    • jovial says:

      We plant our einkorn the first week of November and harvest in mid to late July in Italy, so yes, it is a winter crop. You must be careful about lots of rain at the time of planting, because the seeds are soft and if they become very wet, they will not sprout.

  15. liz stooke says:

    I love your site, about time we went back to real food , I have been searching every where for a store in Australia, that supply einkorn flour and other products, I have heard about your great work, read a book called wheat belly by William Davis , and was shocked at what we eat. Are you restricted as to supplying your products to Australia? and how do I go about getting your products.

    Cheers Liz
    PS would you be able to put me in contact with Sim Ayres in Victoria, who is trying to grow the seeds.

  16. Joanne Agliata says:

    Love your Einkorn wheat! Fantastic taste, easily digested and no bloated feeling. I have an electric pasta maker. I have a Vitamix with a dry container so I can grind my own flour from you wheat berries.

    Do you have any recipes and/or recommendations for making Einkorn pasta using an electric pasta maker? It is a Simac and has lots of different attachments.

    • Joanne Agliata says:

      I’d also be interested in knowing if anyone has made pizza dough from Einkorn and any tricks related to doing that? My bread machine has a pizza dough setting. Thanks

    • jovial says:

      We have never made einkorn pasta in an electric appliance. Well, we tried using an attachment that extruded shapes, but the pasta got stuck and it didn’t work very well. We do use the hand-cranked machines to make fresh pasta and the results are nice.

      • Joanne Agliata says:

        Thanks for the information. I’d like to try making pizza dough in my bread machine as it has a dough setting. Has anyone tried that adapting to Einkorn pizza dough recipe?

  17. Mary Beth says:

    Thank you for providing such an excellent product — real food! I have Crohn’s disease and find it challenging to consume nutritious foods that I can tolerate. Praise God for Jovial Einkorn. I hope you have long term plans to produce this amazing wheat. :-)

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