Culinary Getaways in Italy


Join jovial in Italy for the Culinary Getaway of a lifetime!  Immerse yourself in the Italian culture with our founder, Carla, and enjoy seasonal foods in hands on cooking classes.

Gluten Free Italian Style • All About Ancient Einkorn ​

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Tomatoes Fresh From the Farm

Organic tomatoes grown on our farm and packed in BPA-free glass jars while they’re still warm from the sun. No additives, preservatives or salt added.

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Yes, You Can Eat Lasagna Again

You don’t have to miss lasagna night ever again!  Jovial’s got authentic gluten free noodles crafted in Tuscany.

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Wheat Watchers

From ancient einkorn to modern hybrids, wheat has changed over the years. Learn more and make the right choice for your family.

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Whole Wheat Pasta, Perfected

With 9g of protein and 57g of whole grains per serving, einkorn pasta gets you fueled up with energy and great flavor.

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A New Take on Tagliatelle

Our organic egg tagliatelle has all the taste and texture of traditional hand-rolled pasta, but with none of the gluten.

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Capellini Spinach Basil Pesto

Jovial Tips for better Pesto!

Summer is pesto season and we’d like to share a few jovial tips that we learned in Italy for making better pesto.

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Video Diaries

The making of jovial olive oil


The making 0f jovial olive oil

Learn more about jovial’s olive oil made exclusively from three varieties of ancient olives grown in the Veneto region of Italy.

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Join us in the kitchen

Cook with our Favorite Recipes


Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable lasagna is a nice change because it is a complete meal on it’s own and a great way to incorporate a lot of vegetables into your dinner. You are going to love this easy and delicious recipe!

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